What Matters.

The first device to capture 100% of
the effect of the cannabis strain



About time the powers that be realized what the world has known for 5000 years…That cannabis matters.

It’s about time we tapped into the full potency of the plant. It’s time we unleashed its full capacity and harness its power for a better tomorrow.

We can do more. We can heal more. We can replace half our over-processed, over-chemicalized, over-priced pharmaceutical drugs with natural, affordable and safe options.

It’s about time, there’s LACYTM, the only process in which you can truly capture the entire effects of cannabis.

Our mission is simple - we must protect, what matters. The purity of the strain. The potency of its powers. And the belief in its future.

Because what cannabis does, matters. How it can heal, the millions it touches, the good it does, and its potential to change us, matters.

Harvest Direct EnterprisesTM. Protect What Matters.

Harvest Direct. Protect What Matters.

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