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What is LACYTM?

LACYTM stands for Lossless Activation Chamber YTM - it is a proprietary and patent-pending system that allows for the activation of cannabis without any degradation of original plant profile. It allows you to capture the full effects of any particular strain into a variety of non-smoked forms, resulting in the world’s first truly strain-specific non-smoked cannabis products. LACYTM makes cannabis a real, effective, and holistic medicine.

Is it an extraction system?

No, LACYTM is an activation/decarboxylation process that allows you to preserve the full-plant profile of any given cannabis strain and capture all of its unique effects in non-smoked forms (capsules, topicals, inhalers, etc.).

How does it differ from CO2 or BHO?

CO2 and BHO have been around for decades now. They are simple extraction systems that work to strip the plant materials of all of its goodies - creating what’s known as a cannabis concentrate. LACYTM takes it a step further. LACYTM activates these concentrates or the original plant material for use in non-smoked products. But unlike everyone else, when we perform the activation/decarboxylation step - we do it losslessly, preserving everything found in the original plant material or concentrate we started with. Allowing us to truly harness the effects of that specific strain of cannabis.

How does it work?

LACYTM works by allowing only CO2 (a byproduct of the activation/decarboxylation process) to exit the reaction chamber while simultaneously maintaining the full plant profile of the specific strain you started with. Nothing added, everything preserved.

What does it do?

LACYTM activates cannabinoids while preserving the full plant profile of the cannabis you put in. These activated cannabinoids (along with the full plant profile) are then ready for use in a variety of non-smoked product types.

Does it require special training?

LACYTM was designed to be run by anyone who has basic training in extraction or lab work. It’s much simpler to operate than traditional extraction systems since it’s accompanied by a custom graphic user interface that is friendly, simple, and extremely easy to use. After installation, your team will be trained by us and they will receive “LACYTM certification” after completing their first few runs on LACYTM and proving lossless activation in their specific unit. We are with you every step of the way to ensure your success with your new LACYTM system. We don’t sell you a system and simply walk away. We are there day in and day out to ensure your facility’s profitability and your overall growth - and that's what you can expect from LACYTM and Harvest Direct EnterprisesTM.

How can I get one?

Please reach out directly to our VP of Sales, Brian McManus at Brian@HarvestDirectEnterprises.com for more information or if you have any questions on licensing our LACYTM systems.

What is activation/decarboxylation?

Activation/decarboxylation is a simple and necessary process that unleashes the psychoactive effects of cannabis. In order to feel the effects of cannabis, activation must occur - but the problem is, the old way of carrying out this process (stick it in an oven) destroys the plant profile you started with. So it may have been Blue Dream when you started the decarb, but by the end of the process it no longer contains the characteristics or effects of Blue Dream. There has to be a better way. The concept of decarbing or activating isn't new - but maintaining the full plant profile throughout the process is, and that’s where LACYTM comes in. LACYTM is the first and only system in the world to perform Lossless Activation.

What are cannabinoids and terpenes?

Cannabinoids are a class of molecules that work on the endocannabinoid system found in each and every one of us. There are two kinds of cannabinoids: (1) endocannabinoids - those found in your body naturally (used to regulate a variety of bodily functions) and (2) phytocannabinoids - plant based cannabinoids that are found most abundantly in cannabis. The cannabinoids found in cannabis need activation prior to use but traditional methods of activation destroy the rest of the plant profile (namely terpenes). LACYTM activates these plant based cannabinoids (with no degradation) while maintaining the whole plant profile as well.

Terpenes are an important component to the overall cannabis experience, not only influencing a strain’s taste and smell but also influencing its effects on the body. Terpenes work in concert to either catalyze or inhibit effects of other compounds within the plant. This entourage effect is the unique and synergistic combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, ultimately producing the unique effects that distinguish one strain of cannabis from another. Over 100 different terpenes have been identified in cannabis. Despite not being quite as popular or as well-studied as cannabinoids, these diverse molecules are instrumental in delivering the physiological and psychoactive effects of cannabis. LACYTM is the first and only system capable of maintaining these vital compounds (and others) throughout the activation process.

What is the Entourage Effect?

The Entourage Effect is a mechanism by which compounds present in cannabis which are largely non-psychoactive (terpenes, flavonoids, etc.) by themselves modulate the overall psychoactive effects of the plant. All of the compounds in cannabis (like cannabinoids and terpenes), working in together create the distinct effects and medical benefits of a specific strain of cannabis. LACYTM is the first and only system to preserve the entourage effect of a specific strain all the way through the activation/decarb process.

Why is LACY better than distillate or recombination?

Distillate is a means of processing cannabis where you aim to target a specific compound and distill it out of everything else. Most distillates are either THC or CBD only formulations and that is truly unfortunate. This process ruins the full plant profile in an attempt to create a one-size-fits-all solution. The result is a bland, shapeless, and uncharacteristic product that no longer carries the full therapeutic power of the plant they started with.

We at Harvest Direct EnterprisesTM adhere to the Whole Plant PhilosophyTM - a notion that the cannabis is better, safer, and more effective as whole plant medicine - rather than when broken up into parts. And this philosophy holds throughout nature and pharmacology. For example, compare a caffeine pill to a cup of coffee. Or a tylenol to willow bark tea. The natural and whole plant version is always better because it contains minor compounds that help reduce the negatives or increase the positive effects of the primary drug. Distillate is one compound fits all and LACYTM champions a whole plant alternative that is proven to be both more effective and safer. Technology that preserves what nature has already perfected.

Now while we are on the topic, let’s discuss recombination. Recombination is the theory of distilling the individual components of cannabis and then recombining them at specific ratios in an attempt to recreate the plant they started with. It’s like recreating your favorite wine by mixing extremely precise amounts of water, moonshine, and grape flavoring. It’s going to be time consuming, costly, and at the end of the day it will never taste like the wine you are trying to recreate. Why not let nature do the work, and preserve everything from the plant directly to the consumer. And that’s what we are doing with LACYTM - we preserve everything. Sometimes doing less, yields more. Stated plainly: LACYTM makes recombination obsolete.

What does the Y In LACYTM stand for?

We proved Lossless ActivationTM (maintaining 95% or more of the plant profile during the decarb) on our 25th cook - and Y is the 25th letter of the alphabet.


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