The only process which truly captures the effects of the entire cannabis strain.

LACYTM Explained


Our proprietary cannabis activation technology, Lossless Activation Chamber YTM (LACY), gives you the ability to retain the entire strain’s effects from start to finish. For the first time in history, you’re able to get out precisely what you put in, resulting in a pill, topical or inhaler that includes each strain’s unique properties while maintaining the integrity of the original cannabis plant. This allows for the preservation of all cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as the crucial “Entourage Effect” that they enable - resulting in precisely dosed products with unique effects and higher efficacy.

So what’s different?

Traditional activation and infusion methods employ a harsh process that degrades and ruins the unique profile of a cannabis strain. They allow the key molecules that make each strain special - like the terpenes, flavonoids, non-cannabinoid phenols, etc. - to escape/degrade, resulting in a product that retains only THC and barely resembles the original strain. That means, the pain relieving power of Blue Dream or the anxiety reducing power of Sour Diesel aren’t nearly as potent as they should be.

But not with LACYTM. We use a triple-tested scientific process to retain the entire strain throughout the activation process. The Entourage Effect is retained in a completely lossless system because we believe cannabis can only live up to its healing power when preserved whole.

This is the future of cannabis and medicine.

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LACYTM maintains chemical integrity throughout the activation process, while preserving the entire cannabis strain profile. For the first time, you’re able to harness the complete power of the plant, without any terpene loss and without the costly and time-consuming headache that is recombination.


We’ve employed a battery of scientific tests in triplicate to ensure that any product activated via LACYTM is exactly the strain that goes in, down to the last molecule. Whatever you put in, you get out, and we can guarantee it.

Powerfully Elegant

Simply doing less yields more, when it comes to LACYTM. Our process creates higher efficacy with less and comes with a modern, easy to use interface that makes activation a breeze.


Traditional cannabis activation methods degrade the plant resulting in THC-only outputs with little to no Entourage Effect, greatly diminishing their efficacy and medical viability. Only LACYTM allows you to maintain the entire effects of a strain, resulting in precisely dosed products that are the first non-smoked products to be truly strain-specific.

But don’t just take our word for it! Our process has been triple-tested by cannabis data powerhouses Confidence Analytics and Steep Hill Labs. In a test measuring terpene profiles before and after activation, cannabis activated with LACYTM consistently preserved more than 95% of the terpene content and the overall terpene profile. Traditional activation methods on the other hand consistently ruined and degraded the plant profile, resulting in under 5% retention of terpene content and profile. Put more simply, LACYTM kept all of the molecules we started with (see the pie charts below) and traditional methods did not. That’s the magic of LACYTM, nothing added, everything preserved.

Terpene profile:

Starting Materials vs. LACYTM vs. Traditional Activation Methods

When compared to capsules on shelves today, LACYTM outperforms by an even wider margin. Tests against the top 3 pills in Washington state revealed they maintained only 2 terpene molecules. Contrasted with LACY’sTM ability to maintain all 20, this is an unacceptable degradation of the original strain.

Terpene Profile: LACYTM vs. Top 3 Pills in Washington State


THC activation using LACYTM offers a range of benefits that far surpass any other cannabis technology on the market.

The only way to maintain the Full Plant ProfileTM

Preserves the unique effects of each strain

No terpene loss

Personalized machine configuration

Multiple delivery methods (pills, inhalers, topicals, edibles)

Time-efficiency (by eliminating need for recombination)

Cost-efficiency (compared to recombination)

Future-proof technology (through regular updates)

Backed by scientific testing

Precise dosing, every time

Higher product yields (no waste)

Higher efficacy

Green process (no additives or catalyst waste)

Durable construction that lasts

Robust data collection (logs every cook)

Easy to use (automated interface)

On-going scientific consulting


We created LACYTM because we care about the future of cannabis and its power to change the world. We believe that it’s healing power needs to be protected and recognized for its full potential. Through our Full Plant PhilosophyTM , we develop methods like LACYTM to create products that are customized to real consumer needs, while being as natural as humanly possible.

LACYTM is purposefully designed to disrupt traditional and inefficient methods through perpetual innovation. Via our personalized and scalable interface, we push regular updates that increase the capabilities of each device, and broaden the horizon of what’s possible.

Our goal is simple - to increase the effectiveness and elevate the quality of medicinal and recreational cannabis. Together, we can protect what matters.


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